Darul Uloom Deoband: Strength & Weakness of Madrasah Education



Article by Muhammadullah Khalili Qasmi


Maulana Nanautavi led Darul Uloom Deoband movement. Since it was a new experience of its kind that Muslim scholars faced after 1857. Muslims had lost Islamic government along with their institutions and there was no signal from the new administration to finance Muslim schools. It was the same situation that Muslims underwent in Spain in 1492 when local Christians overthrew Muslim ruler and occupied the throne. Then the Spanish Muslims were subjugated, killed and forced to convert. Consequently, they lost their identity and mingled in the people over there. The India’s situation in 1857 differs from that of Spain’s in 1492 because India witnessed some powerful and energetic educational movements that helped the remaining seeds to flourish and blossom.


So there were two major questions before the Muslim scholars and leaders whether to safeguard the shattered religious heritage or to adopt the British educational systems that was basically started to produce workers and low-rank employees for the alien government. Some scholars, Maulana Nanautavi on the foremost, came up with the idea of setting up religious institutions to be run by the donations of common Muslims. He was of the opinion that Muslims cannot guard their religion and culture until they are not strong enough in faith. The only way to survive was to introduce proper religious education to each and every individual in the community.


Though the education that British government wanted to spread was a part of its disastrous policy but no doubt that these educations were necessary by any means for the Indian and every nation, which wanted to go parallel with the advanced nations. But the problem was this that modern education was poisoned with materials that go against Islamic teachings and even urged students to revolt against religion. This was the nature of the modern education that sprung out from Europe because it came in to being as a result of strong reaction against Christianity. The fault lay in the barbaric, inhuman and unnatural behaviour of the churches. The most frequently asked question regarding our Madrasas’ syllabus is how to adjust the modern science and arts, which are important enough with Islamic and old science. Now the majority of Ulama ahs begun to ponder upon the matter, but they are unable to adopt a balanced and middle way. There are only three options.


1. Teaching both types of sciences and art simultaneously at madrasas


2. First, modern sciences and arts, then Islamic studies


3. First, needful Islamic Uloom in shorter time, then modern Uloom

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Deoband: Strength & Weakness of Madrasah Education

  • September 19, 2013
  • Basooir
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