Ta’awuz dan Basmalah – Terjemahan Lughowi

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“…ع/و/ذ – ‘-w-dh refuge, protection, curtain, hideout, to seek refuge, to invoke the protection of; amulet, charm, incantation, tight circle. Of this root, four forms occur 17 times in the Qur’an: عاذ ‘aadha 10 times, أُعيذ  ‘u’iidh once; استعذ ‘ista’idh four times and معاذ ma’aadha twice….”


Disediakan oleh Abu Luqman Basooir.


Muat turun PDF di sini.

Ta'awwuz dan Basmalah

  • September 16, 2013
  • Basooir
  • Lesson / Tafaqquh

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